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The new machine landed ZTE T-Mobile USA and Metro PCS

May 14, 2014, as the fastest growing North American market, smart phone manufacturers, ZTE USA has released a new entry-level 
Commodities ConcordⅡ, currently listed on T-Mobile and MetroPCS. 
It is understood that the phone is a popular resurgence Concord had an upgraded version of the product, equipped with a Android4.3 system jelly beans 
, Enabling text, seamless connection between e-mail and popular sites perfect experience. ZTE ConcordⅡ with bevel edge and style 
Aluminum housing, design elegance, delicate structure. For entry smartphone users, especially hope that the high price to get a 
Models look beautiful, responsive phone users, ConcordⅡ is an excellent choice. 
In the configuration, ConcordⅡ also have higher standards. Aircraft equipped with a 4-inch high-resolution display, Corning Gorilla 2.0 
Screen, 1.2GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor, equipped with LED fill light of the 5 million pixel camera, but with 1GB of memory, storage space 
Expandable up to 32GB. Removable battery capacity of 1820mAh, can support the longest six hours of talk, to be more than 250 hours 
Machine, in addition, the machine also supports fast charging technology, to meet the daily needs of consumers. In noise reduction, ConcordⅡ dual Mai 
G wind, in order to bring high-quality calling experience. 
ZTE ConcordⅡ smartphone is a combination of outstanding features and affordable price are the perfect product, allows users to use lower 
Budget to get a smart phone, keep in touch with friends and relatives, CEO of ZTE USA FUNCTIONALIS said that with the new 
Paragraph ConcordⅡ T-Mobile and MetroPCS sales in, ZTE will continue to introduce different types of smart phones, to provide users with more 
Many choices. 
2014, the United States will continue the trend of intelligent terminals. As of the first quarter, ZTE ranked first in the United States smartphone market 
Fourth, the overall mobile phone market, the top four, prepaid market ranked second. ZTE will continue to adhere to the BBC's marketing strategy, continue 
Strengthen the study of the ultimate consumer, and further strengthen cooperation with local operators, to provide cost-effective fashion for the North American end users 
, High-tech products, while the role of the aid brands Highlands North America, driven by ZTE overall brand promotion.

United States accounted for 70% of smart phone market is nearing saturation teenagers

It is no secret: As smart phones continue to dominate the mobile market, feature phones has embarked on a pager of no return 
Now, in the U.S. adolescent population, the smart phone is close to saturation. According to market research company Nielsen released Tuesday 
The latest study reported that 70% of age have begun to use the smart phone in 13-17 year olds, 79% of young people aged 18-24 years old 
Already have a smart phone. In comparison, in 2012, 58 percent of American teenagers own a smartphone; while in 2011, only 36% 
American teenagers have smartphones. 
In the third quarter of this year, 11% of American mobile phone users have been upgrading their equipment, of which nearly four-fifths of people upgrade 
To the smartphone. Now, the smart phone penetration in the United States reached 64.7%, compared with 62 percent growth in the previous quarter. 
These are the people choose what kind of smart phone? According to Nielsen's report, they are mainly Apple and Samsung phones. 
Among them, the Apple iPhone to seize 41% of the market share, Samsung accounted for 26 percent of the market share. HTC and Motorola each accounted for 
An 8% share, LG occupies 7% of the share. The BlackBerry only 3% of the market share continues to decline among. 
While Apple's mobile phone sales in the leading position, but Google Android is still the dominant operating system field. In the United States 
, 52% of smartphone users are using Android, 41% of smartphone users in the use of iOS. At the bottom surface of the BlackBerry and 
Windows, which accounted for 3% and 2% of the share. 
Nelson also noted that although the use of smart phones has been greatly improved in the United States, but because the rest of the feature phones 
Users are loyal users, the use of smart phones in the future growth of the space is not large. 
With the U.S. smartphone market matures, smart phone usage gradually reached a peak. The remaining consumers may 
Reluctant to replace their feature phones. Nielsen said in a blog post, handset vendors should adjust its marketing strategy, efforts 
Ability to attract new users, while not alienating existing smart phone users.

Biography Facebook abandon Transfer continue to trade on the NASDAQ

Beijing time on July 2 morning news, according to informed sources, although the Nasdaq failure destroyed the highly anticipated Facebook IPO (initial public offering), but the company executives eventually decided to continue trading in the market. 
Facebook executives have privately complained about NASDAQ OMX technology failures destroy the company shares starting May 18 and was considered to NYSE listing. But informed sources, Facebook has decided to stay in mid-June on the Nasdaq. 
Prior to this, the Nasdaq executives have been trying to repair relations with Facebook, and expressed willingness to pay $ 40 million compensation to the broker. While the big Wall Street NASDAQ market makers have criticized mishandling of the matter and limited the amount of compensation, but Facebook has not publicly complained about the matter, but in private veiled criticism. 
IPO's poor performance has resulted in up to $ 100 billion Facebook valuation has been questioned. The company in 2011 revenue $ 3.7 billion, an increase of 2012 is expected to slow down, mainly due to the rapid development of mobile platforms. Analyst price target to Facebook formulate an average of $ 37.71, below the issue price of $ 38, most of the investment bank to give its holders (Hold) rating. Unit 5 June hit its lowest point of $ 25.87. But since June 15, the stock has steadily rebounded last Friday to close at $ 31.10. 
Although Facebook's decision to some extent defended NASDAQ status, but technical failure has led to the company's relationship with many large customers alienated and triggered regulatory investigations. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering whether to upgrade the system to force the Nasdaq.

Flurry: Beyond Apple millet users spend more time on the app

Analysts say Apple's user base will become more substantial, this is the legendary Apple magic. According to TNW website July 9 reported that mobile analytics company Flurry by analyzing the time consumers spend on the app, found Apple's position on this indicator has been shaken, millet phone step by step approach. 
Flurry found that in the past six years, iPhone users average time spent on the app users and more than Andoid. January 2014, Flurry's 23,000 cases of random sampling conducted a survey in the Chinese market. Survey, millet user time spent on the app leading Apple and other Android devices. 
To the iPhone user base, Flurry has found time millet app users per capita higher 7%. 14% and 27%, respectively, Samsung and HTC users less than iPhone users. 
Flurry in Bowen pointed out that this is the first Android smartphone to shake the iPhone leading indicator status. Millet users in the media and entertainment app spend the most time, 62% higher than the overall average. Meanwhile millet user time spent on Productivityapp 28% higher than the average. While in China, gaming and communications app to get the hype though, but millet users on these applications is less than the time spent by other users. Because the use of millet mobile phone users, mostly highly educated young people, so they have less in the game, communications, and social networking applications to spend time. 
Millet has long been known as China's apple. Millet recently launched a tablet to challenge the Apple iPad. According to Flurry's latest data, Samsung and HTC and other Android manufacturers have a sense of crisis. Apple also concerned about the millet dynamic, because millet is becoming a leading brand in the Android system, the threat of Apple's position.

Ballmer: Microsoft Surface tablet production is forced by Apple

According to foreign media reports on December 18, Microsoft CEO Steve & bull; Ballmer recently said in an interview that the reason why Microsoft Surface tablet production is for their own company to better compete with Apple. 
Ballmer with surface 
Ballmer also said that although Microsoft's hardware production decisions, so that the interests of the Windows device manufacturer's been compromised, but as smart phones and tablet computers become more and more important hardware devices, Microsoft's decision for themselves won development. 
Ballmer said that Microsoft is to get past the main revenue through the Windows operating system and Office software and other software. He believes that the technology companies, the ability to develop new business is very important, Microsoft is adapting to the changing environment. But obviously, Microsoft still has not released enough competitive products, and therefore accounted for under the wind and carrying Apple's iOS and Android smart phones and tablet PCs contest in. 
When it comes to Surface tablet computer, Ballmer said the product is equivalent to a stake, and Microsoft must gamble. He explained that being in competition with Apple, the contest is Microsoft's high-end devices weakness, because Windows device manufacturers to invest in high-end equipment is quite weak. In Ballmer seems, Surface tablet computer that allows users to work more efficient, while Microsoft's software is also able to provide users with joy. 
It is reported that the new Surface2 and SurfacePro2 selling tablet after the listing, in addition, sales WindowsPhone equipment is gradually improving, it is apparent that Microsoft's efforts seem to win rewards.

Huawei 4G phones in Taiwan to push two goals this year, sales doubled in Taiwan

According to Taiwan's Central News Agency reported on June 19, as the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, China's Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in Taipei on the 19th released a 4G flagship phone AscendP7, target 2014 smartphone sales in Taiwan doubled. 
Huawei AscendP7 with 6.5 mm slim, 5-inch full HD screen, with a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 2GB phone memory, 16GB built-in extended memory, 13 million-pixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera. The new machine will be listed in Taiwan on July 1, the initial price of NT $ 16,900 for the Deputy General Manager Xu Chongde said Huawei released in Taiwan, in addition to its flagship phone Ascend series, also plans to release later this year at a lower price glory series phones, in order to meet consumer demand for low-cost Taiwanese mobile phone. 
Huawei wants to use the new product release, making it the smart phone sales reached 200,000, in the Taiwan market share from last year's 2% to 3%. Taking into account the high-end smart phone market in Taiwan is currently in a recession the contraction phase, in my opinion, this goal is very challenging. Xu Chongde said, but how do we achieve this goal will depend on the manner in which we take to do it, we have to increase the sales of a number of measures already planned. 
Xu Chongde said Huawei end of this year the company intends to put it in Taiwan, the number of dealers from the current 71 to 150, while strengthening sales partnerships with local telecom operators and retailers. 
According to research firm IDC, said Huawei's 2014 goal is to sell worldwide 80 million smart phones, in order to achieve this goal, Huawei will likely focus on large-screen mobile phone production.