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Blackberry employee resigns own businesses to promote local technology industry development

According to Taiwan's Central News Agency reported on April 17, the Canadian BlackBerry company business downturn, former employees turned entrepreneurs, accidentally creating ─ its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario new technology companies sprouted up, pomp than ever. 
Blackberry since being defeated rival, generally considered the Waterloo City and its neighboring base Qing Carolina City economy has also depressed. The fact they are not. Last year, a year, Waterloo and City-based company to apply for admittance to celebrate the establishment of up to 450, compared with the number in 2009 increased four-fold. 
Waterloo and City-based company to apply for admittance to celebrate the establishment, mostly set up by the BlackBerry redundancy. Waterloo and City, known as the Canadian-based celebration Carolina known as Silicon Valley. 
McCabe, vice president of the Waterloo City Aeryon UAV Manufacturing Company Engineering Department, said people have money, and want to set up a new technology company, based in Waterloo and celebrate Carolina city is the best place. 
Richelle White, 39, after 13 years in service blackberry leave. Today, the White Richelle is Waterloo City Mage Nai card Kam president. The company can help the police recover a professional in the computer has been removed, such as e-mail, financial statements, and photo software. 
Like other as employees retire from blackberry, white Richelle choose to stay in Waterloo and group celebration Carolina, rather than go to Toronto, Canada's financial center, or Silicon Valley, California. 
BlackBerry company in 2007 to become Canada's most valuable company. 2008 peak period, blackberry assets of up to $ 80 billion. However, when Apple introduced the first generation iPhone, BlackBerry service will be way down. Blackberry has total assets has dropped to $ 4 billion. 
Ritter, president of Rialto-based image analysis celebrate Carolina city said, blackberry actually created many millionaires, they still live in the local area, and invest in the local. This situation makes more venture capitalists into Waterloo and group celebration Carolina, resulting in the local technology industry today is still as grand phenomenon of the past.

Black Friday 40% of the iPad was bought Android phone users

The annual Black Friday just past, what kinds of product comparison by consumers welcome it? Recently, based on a survey of 125,000 consumers display Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Surface RT virtue of the relatively high cost of the stand at this year's Black Friday. Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy sales list three retailers, iPad mini (16GB), iPad Air (16GB) and Surface RT (32GB) to $ 299 (about 1822 yuan), $ 479 respectively (about RMB 2919 yuan) and $ 199 (about 1213 yuan) price Nance. 
Although Microsoft Surface RT had let huge loss $ 900 million, and the availability of Windows RT system is not very good, but obviously consumers are still hard to resist the $ 199 (about 1213 yuan) cheap temptation to bring. Meanwhile Surface RT bestselling also curious exactly how many consumers will choose to purchase newer and more expensive Surface 2 it? In addition, Best Buy's sales list, the older iPad 2 (16GB) and Kindle Fire (16GB) unexpectedly occupy second and third place, while power consumers to buy these products is obviously older they have enough affordable price. 
Apple, Microsoft and Amazon products occupy three cases before the old Best Buy sales list three different, Target Black Friday sales this year, the list of the top three is entirely dominated by iPad. The new iPad Air access to consumers of natural Needless to say, while in second place in sales also proved no Retina HD screen iPad mini is still the consumer ideal of a Tablet PC. 
The case of Amazon and Best Buy and Target quite different. In addition to the sales list to occupy the first name of the iPad mini (16GB), there are three of the top five TV and a laptop. 
Overall, this year's Black Friday Apple iPad is clearly the biggest winner in the Tablet PC market. According InfoScout survey, 40 percent was bought Android smart phone users of the iPad's total sales, which also reflects to some extent does not seem like Android in the smartphone market, as in the tablet market strong competitiveness, and various Android tablet makers should also find out the reason to learn and change product strategy. In addition, in terms of buying patterns, go to the store to buy this Black Friday is still the main way consumers buy electronic products, only 29% of consumers said that the total amount of the purchase of products on their online than offline.

ASUS force cloud in 2014 targeting 50 million users

According to Taiwan's Central News Agency, May 27 news, the Internet cloud partners ASUS ASUS Assembly proclaimed the Internet cloud strategy, Wu Han Zhang cloud general manager, said Asustek currently has more than 30 million personal cloud users, the target by the end of 50 million. 
ASUS 27 invited 300 developers and partners to show ASUS integrated software and hardware and a full range of cloud service layout and first published in the latest cloud products and services through a partnership of the General Assembly, including ASUS HomeCloud family to share teaching clouds and cloud systems ASUS Monkeys and offers the most popular things with HTML 5 cross-platform application development tools for developers. 
Wu Han Zhang said, ASUS HomeCloud share family private cloud concept, users do not need to purchase additional storage space, as long as through simple installation, can the home computer, or server motherboard into a family of digital data storage and sharing cloud space, and are free to access home files through mobile devices. 
In addition, Wu Han Zhang pointed out, ASUS HomeCloud more integrated monitoring, somatosensory detectors and other household devices with sweeping robot, the series of things, show diverse smart home applications. 
Wu Han Zhang said, ASUS now has more than 30 million personal cloud users, pay rate is between 0.5% to 1%, hoping to board, ZenFone other users of inclusion, the goal at the end of this year the clouds grow to 50 million users, pay ratio of more than 1%. 
In order to grab market share, Asus announced the price cut cloud services, 100GB of storage space each year as long as $ 22.99, a drop of 75 percent, more than Dropbox's $ 99 and $ 23.88 Google Drive is cheaper. 
Wu Han Zhang said, Asus currently has six data centers, there are three in Taiwan, mainland China, the United States and Luxembourg have one, this year plans to add a data center in Taipei, to provide better service. 
ASUS provides cross-platform HTML5 App development tools, media consultation and, if and Acer is about to publish content, like for developers? Wu Han Zhang said, program development tools, and partners need to interact with the industry earlier than Asus did two or three years more experience.

Huawei to bring Telefonica connectivity solutions designed to help pre-FTTH strategy

According to Telecompaper website on July 15 reported that the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei and the world's leading telecommunications operators Telefonica recently announced that it will jointly develop fiber optic wiring network technologies, including pre-connected solutions. 
Telefonica is the leading full-service provider, in 2008 to determine the FTTH development strategy and plan of the ambitious development plans. Telefonica already using Huawei's custom fiber optic wiring network products, such as outdoor connecting elements, in order to improve the efficiency of its FTTH network. Through the deployment of pre-connected products, Telefonica will use the pre-connection technology outdoor hardened fiber optic connector replacement system. 
Pre-connected users Huawei cable connector supports Plug and Play, no on-site welding, environmental adaptability, high deployment efficiency. Connector protection class up to IP68, two days of continuous immersion in 3.5 meters underwater, with connection locking manner of anti-vibration locking. Able to heat, cold, protect the fiber connectivity is not affected high humidity environment. The product on February 20, 2014 release. 
Huawei's partnership with Telefonica can be traced back to 2005. November 14, 2005, Huawei signed an agreement with Telefonica, the Spanish telecommunications selected Huawei as its 3G and broadband in the field of business innovation and strategic partners, but the two sides will work together to expand the Latin America market. March 17 this year, Huawei and Telefonica jointly announced that they have completed the industry's first architecture based on IP + Optical SDN multi-joint testing. 
Huawei has been committed to providing customers with high-quality fiber optic-based network solutions. October 2010, Huawei released the industry's first Intelligent Optical Distribution Network solutions to improve the management level fiber-based networks, and access to the Broadband World Forum InfoVision Award awarded. Huawei led iODN relevant standards have been published in the ITU-T. Up to now, Huawei has built more than 60 sheets of global intelligent fiber optic wiring network Network.

Huawei advancing globalization: Overseas employees and more and more foreign executives

Chinese technology companies to go overseas, international executives and employees of the team, is the only way. In this regard, the Lenovo acquisition of IBM PC business has become a role model. Overseas media noted that, in addition to a Chinese technology company Huawei, is promoting the internationalization of executives and staff, and its image, the growing shift to a global multinational companies. 
Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen in the park, a total of 30,000 employees, of which there are many Indians, Pakistanis. Park is not only Western, as well as local Indian cuisine. 
Huawei launched prior to the Chinese staff placement scheme to allow employees to purchase shares in the future will benefit from after the stock rose. At present, the number of employees to buy shares of more than seven million people. Huawei official confirmed that the current allotment plan is planning to staff, to overseas employees, in order to raise the overseas staff of the enterprise loyalty. 
In recent years, as technology companies out of the overseas Chinese, Western business executives, worked for the Chinese enterprises easier to accept. Typically, the Italian association hired professional managers Samaranch, Samaranch use extensive experience and network to help Lenovo hit the European market one day. Lanci joined the opponents, but also to Acer very unhappy. 
Currently, Huawei has hired a large number of foreign executives down, such as the Australian business from Nokia Colin-Giles, who served as the British government's chief information officer of John-Suffolk et al. 
Insiders said that in the telecommunications equipment market, Huawei has been rising, Europe is struggling rival, which means that Huawei's future will have more opportunities to recruit foreign executives. For example, in October, the European telecom equipment manufacturers Alcatel-Lucent announced that it would lay off 15 percent worldwide, which involves management positions. 
45-year-old CT-Johnson, is an American financial experts worked at Ericsson, Huawei joined last year, served as the headquarters of the post of chief financial officer, he had to worry about, Huawei hired him just to show the foreign media, but later found himself wrong, as Treasurer, he has enough permission to view Huawei's financial statements or operational details. Later, he also adjusted Huawei internal positions, responsible for matters relating to sales contracts. 
Statistics show that Huawei's overseas revenue grew 200 times in 12 years. With the upgrading of the status in the international market, Huawei will be the same as Lenovo, have more and more foreign executives.

Qualcomm smart phone for the mass market launch quad-core processors

September 27 news, Qualcomm today announced that for the mass smartphone market launch two quad-core mobile processor MSM8225Q and MSM8625Q, and also supports UMTS, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE standard dual-core processor MSM8930. 
It is reported that, MSM8225Q and MSM8625Q processor belongs Xiaolong S4 Play processor family, including quad-core CPU, is Xiaolong S4 Play MSM8225 and MSM8625 processor software compatible upgrade version. 
In terms of performance, these two quad-core products support LPDDR2 memory bus bandwidth upgrade will support stronger 720p display and 720p encoding and decoding functions. Among them, MSM8625Q processor is equipped with Qualcomm's UMTS / CDMA integrated multimode modem, MSM8225Q processor is equipped with an integrated UMTS modem. Both processors use the Qualcomm Atheros AR6005 and WCN2243 chip supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and FM connectivity. 
It is understood that the above two quad-core mobile processor will be the kind to customers by the end of 2012, built the processor's commercial terminal is expected to be listed on the first quarter of 2013. 
Meanwhile, Qualcomm also announced that it will support UMTS, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE standard single platform Xiaolong S4 Plus MSM8930, so as to serve all the Chinese carriers, in the end the smart mainly for use in China cell phone.
It is reported Xiaolong S4 Plus MSM8930 is the February 2011 release of dual-core processors, but also the world's first LTE modem integrated single-chip solution. Support for TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA dual-core processor of this kind will be out to customers by the end of 2012, built the processor's commercial terminal is expected to be listed on the first quarter of 2013. 
In addition, Qualcomm will release three processors Qualcomm Reference Design (QRD) versions. Currently, Qualcomm has worked with more than 40 OEM manufacturers launched more than 50 models QRD-based product, and another 100 models are in development & mdash; & mdash; including QRD-based smart new Xiaolong S4 Play and Plus processors phone, time to market is expected also in the first quarter of 2013.

Analysts said the Nexus 7 对 Surface threaten affect iPad

Beijing time on June 29, according to foreign media reports, brokerage Sterne Agee analyst Shaw & middot; Wu pointed out, Google announced the new Nexus 7 Tablet PC Tablet PC market will make the competition more intense, will Amazon's Kindle Fire and Microsoft's Surface pose a threat, but will not have an impact on Apple's iPad sales. 
Shaw & middot; Wu said, Nexus 7 selling point is its $ 199 starting price. Nexus price and Kindle Fire 7 fairly. Just launched late last year, Kindle Fire sales quite strong, but then quickly slowed. 
Shaw & middot; Wu expects, Nexus 7 199 dollar price of Kindle Fire will pose a threat to its own opportunities to participate in market competition. He also believes that, Nexus 7 low prices for Microsoft recently announced Surface also means trouble. Microsoft plans later this year on sale Surface. 
Shaw & middot; Wu believes that if the ARM version of Microsoft Surface pricing is higher than the Apple iPad 2 399 dollars starting price, would be catastrophic. Surface, Microsoft did not disclose the price, but said the ARM version of Surface's price will be quite similar to the configuration of other tablets such as iPad. 
Even if there is no pre-announced Google Nexus 7, analysts also believe that the price will determine Surface performance in the market. Earlier this week, Deutsche Bank analyst Chris & middot; Whitmore said Microsoft Surface pricing dilemma in to make the price lower than the iPad Surface will make third-party partners forced to withdraw from the tablet PC market, or can not profit . 
Investment Company Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian & middot; Wright said, Nexus 7 is just another one Android tablet, will not pose a threat to the iPad. Like White, Shaw & middot; Wu believes Apple's Nexus 7 suffered minimal impact. Given Apple's powerful ecosystem, rich Tablet PC applications, support for 3G / 4G connection, we believe that the recent Google limited impact on Apple. 
Shaw & middot; Wu pointed out that Google into the hardware market may not necessarily be successful. Google released the first smartphone Nexus One suffered a failure. Shaw & middot; Wu also questioned the 7-inch display configuration endurance Nexus 7, the similar size of the Kindle Fire has been in demand landslide. 
Nexus 7 Nvidia quad-core processor configuration, with a resolution of 1280 pixels X800 pixel display, July outlets. 8GB version is priced at $ 199, 16GB version is priced at $ 249.

Goldman Sachs lowered this year's global mobile phone sales forecast to 1.84 billion

Beijing time on June 26 morning news, Goldman Sachs analyst Simona & middot; Zhan Khodorkovsky Investment Report released today, the global mobile phone sales this year from 1.95 billion expected men raised 1.84 billion, because of slowing demand and inventory reduction remember. 
She global mobile phone sales this year expected to 1.95 billion from 1.84 billion men raised, lowered 10%, an increase of 4% over last year. Intelligent machine sales expected from 668 million men raised 649 million, an increase of 38% over last year. 
Zhan Khodorkovsky down in the report of the mobile phone sales expected in emerging markets, as well as intelligent machine sales in mature markets expected. She pointed out: We lowered the mobile phone sales expected China, Western Europe, Brazil and other Latin American countries, as well as intelligent machine sales in North America and Western Europe is expected. 
She specifically mentioned: In addition to the macroeconomic challenges, the North American and Western European markets also face cuts package carrier subsidies, and high upgrade costs, leading mobile phone upgrade cycle extension, the problem of slow growth in intelligent machines. 
When talking about the Chinese market, Zhan Khodorkovsky said: In China, 3G smart machine demand growth slightly slowed, demand remains strong EDGE network. In addition, low-cost & lsquo; white box & rsquo; strong market demand; analyst Donald & middot; Lu expects MediaTek, Spreadtrum and Morningstar semiconductor smartphone chip shipments from 2011's 10 million, to $ 2012 1.1 one hundred million. 
Zhan Khodorkovsky mentioned, RIM, HTC and Nokia have released the negative expectations, weak shipment goal Huawei and ZTE, Samsung in the quarter were flat with the expected maximum. 
She is also expected, RIM this quarter will be the first to face the dilemma of declining user. RIM shares she gave a neutral rating and $ 13 price target.

Apple's U.S. retail employees will transfer a substantial salary increase up to 25%

Beijing time on June 21 morning news, multiple unconfirmed reports that Apple USA retail staff salaries will rise sharply, the highest increase of 25%. 
It is reported that Apple decided to retail staff salary increase may be the result of internal assessment, they found inside Apple retail store employee salaries are generally complain of problems. Dow Jones reported on Wednesday that the United States last week, more than Apple's retail employees were interviewed with the store manager, salary increases are expected to be reflected at the beginning of July in payroll. 
In a recent internal assessment of Apple employees who complain about their salaries are a big concern. For this most perplexing is the senior staff, such as the Genius Bar support technicians and innovative education team. 
Apple retail stores currently pay sales staff for 9-15 U.S. dollars per hour, while the Genius Bar technical team for $ 30 per hour. Sources said at least one employee was an Apple retail store near poaching Microsoft retail stores, which offer higher salaries and promotion opportunities. 
More news that Apple has long promised salary increase has not honored, the current salary level does not reflect Apple's position as a high-end retailers. Survey in April of this year show that the turnover of Apple's flagship retail store is 17 times the average turnover of the Apple retail stores in the United States, sales per square foot to occupy a leading position in the nation's chain stores. As of August 2011, Apple retail entity revenue of $ 5,626 per square foot, far more than the second place of Tiffany, the latter income of $ 3,000 per square foot. The average revenue per square foot of retail for U.S. $ 341, the average revenue per square foot for the best 20 to $ 787 retail. 
The new Apple retail store supervisor John & middot; Broughton ite Apple retail employees shortly speech video promised after taking office, to accelerate employee performance assessment in the original September plan. 
Apple retail stores are increasingly becoming an important part of Apple's core business strategy. As of April this year, Apple's revenue has risen every retail store at $ 12.2 million, an increase of 22%. More 85 million visitors in the second quarter of this year entered into the official Apple retail stores, which means that the number of visitors per week at retail for 1.8 million people.

Amazon in July pushed pass new Kindle reader: light comes

Beijing time on May 15 morning news, sources said in July this year, Amazon plans to launch new Kindle reader. The new Kindle reader comes with a light source, in order to facilitate the user to read in the dark. 
Barnes & Noble bookstores month launched a new Nook reader, when many people in the industry believes that the introduction of the new Amazon Kindle will only be a matter of time. Barnes & Noble from the end of April to start selling price $ 139, built-in light of the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. The e-reader received praise review sites, and Barnes & Noble also said sales in good condition. 
So far, the main selling point is that the e-ink screen for outdoor reading, even under strong light, and very energy efficient. Although there is no backlight will alleviate eye fatigue, but such products can not be used in dark or low light conditions. To solve this problem, users can purchase an external light source. Amazon sold with light shell Kindle Touch Lighted Leathre Cover sells for $ 59.99. 
Barnes & Noble said the new Nook reader built-in GlowLight different sources is an important point. There are rumors that Amazon will also be built-in light in the next generation Kindle reader. U.S. technology blog TechCrunch recently reported that Amazon has acquired the Finnish source technology company Oy Modilis, Amazon Lab 126 Design Lab has developed a Kindle reader e-ink screen with a light source. 
The biggest problem is that the new Kindle reader with how much the price of light. Sources said that Amazon will likely stay the same price, or slightly raise the price in order to maintain a certain profit margin. 
Jennifer vice president of NPD Group subsidiary DisplaySearch & middot; Colegrove also said that Amazon can join the front light in the product, because the component cost is not very high, but Amazon's display power consumption is very low. 
According to informed sources say, in addition to the Kindle reader with a light source, the Amazon Kindle Fire will launch new Tablet PC. The product is expected to be launched this fall, but the specific time will be close to the Christmas holidays. The first generation Kindle Fire launched last November.