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Lumia new machine in Europe, analysts said the retail price of baked overpriced

Beijing time on September 28, according to foreign media reports, the new Nokia Lumia phone will be available worldwide in November, recently, Nokia retailer European countries announced the pricing, many analysts questioned overpriced. 
Earlier this month, Nokia released a system based on Windows Phone8 Lumia920 and Lumia820. At the time, Nokia has not announced launch date and pricing, the industry disappointment, the stock also fell. 
Recently, Lumia announced the new machine price, it is worth noting that Nokia has not officially announced the price of European unification, but by its wholesale mobile phone retailers and telecommunications provider of independent pricing. 
Lumia new machine in prices in Europe, less than Apple's new listing iPhone5, but higher than the other, a star of the Samsung phone Galaxy SIII. 
In Sweden, 32GB version Lumia920, pricing 5700 kronor, or about $ 860. The 16GB version of the Galaxy SIII, pricing in the country is only 4515 SEK. 32GB version of the iPhone5, priced at 6,995 crowns. 
In Italy, Lumia920 priced at 599 euros ($ 770), while the 16GB version of the Galaxy SIII in the country, the lowest price of 529 euros. However, Italy's largest telecommunications company TIM, the price will be lower than its Lumia920 Galaxy SIII. 
Fellow British telecoms consultancy CCS Insight's Wood (Ben Wood) said, Galaxy SIII price of the iPhone has become a non-reference pricing, want to sell premium than this phone, Nokia is not easy. 
In the three months after the listing, the Galaxy SIII, Samsung Electronics sold 20 million. In the first three days, iPhone5 sold 5 million. 
In Europe, many consumers have been waiting at the stop iPhone5, more than ten thousand Belgian consumers do not know the price in the case has been scheduled. Nokia have a chance to restore some consumers with a price advantage. 
When these two new Lumia mobile phone market, the industry generally believe that the design or configuration and not much on the highlights, you can not change the industry structure. British telecom consulting firm Ovum analyst Dylan (Nick Dillon) said that many consumers are still unfamiliar Windows Phone system, in their view, if you are using Microsoft systems to take risks, the phone price should be attractive. 
In Germany, the price of 649 euros Vodafone will sell Lumia920, iPhone5 less than 820 euros, also lower than the Galaxy SIII is 740 euros.

OPPO and Pepsi will have great cooperation? Soft drinks and mobile cross fly it

Over the years, we have long been accustomed to cross-border cooperation between the industry, by virtue of their resources for joint promotion, get 1 + 1 & gt; 2 results. This morning, network transmission and Pepsi have a big OPPO will cooperate, although Pepsi and OPPO have also come forward to confirm, but not to the wind hole, estimated to be at the end of both the big move. 
10:00 this morning, a number of micro-Bo @ Xiao brother fight it broke at the end there will be a big cooperation. Seen from Figure broke classic newest phones on OPPO OPPO N1 tri-color and printed with the Pepsi logo, apparently revealed a clear message, OPPO will immediately and Pepsi have a big cooperation, cross-border marriage is likely to be reality. 
The micro-Bo did not disclose the specific content of cooperation, only map view, people in the industry believe that it is possible to launch on OPPO N1 Pepsi custom machine. But a closer look this four figure, PS obvious signs, credibility is not high. So both specific forms of cooperation, can only wait for Pepsi and OPPO official made ​​a positive response. 
Pepsi and OPPO, in the eyes of the consumer public, although there is no intersection between the two, but both are on the pursuit of young fashion brands. This burst of cooperation phone, it is the latest flagship product OPPO year, with 206-degree rotating camera can become this year's most talked about phones. N1 coupled with cool Pepsi classic tricolor, like user comments, like: to wave this commemorative edition of it, give us a Pepsi fans when year-end benefits. Also due to the blue and red tricolor French flag, as was also friends laugh, this matter, the French know? 
To this end, Xiao Bian asked OPPO internal staff, many expressed laughed language, but there are reports, not on a custom machine, but and mobile phone related, so anxious to catch small series, bilateral cooperation in the end what will be?

Lenovo's PC market was slightly warmer bypassing the HP continues to lead the global

According Channelnomics website July 14 news, the U.S. market research firm IDC and Gartner recently released second-quarter global PC market, the latest survey data show that Lenovo ranked first, ahead of second-place Hewlett-Packard in the PC market, has won the victory. 
Gartner's data show that the second quarter global PC shipments of 75.8 million units, compared with the same period last year though, but this is the first time in eight consecutive quarters of contraction recovery after. Analysts said that while demand in emerging markets and other regions to offset deserted, but Lenovo's performance or bright spots. 
In the world's top five PC manufacturers, Lenovo's fastest growing. According to Gartner's data show that Lenovo's shipments grew 15.1%, reaching 14.5 million units. HP ranked second, over the same period, while shipments rose 9.3 percent to 13.4 million units, but still failed to catch up with the association. Gartner said the association now occupy 19.2% of the market share, while Hewlett-Packard accounted for 17.7%, in the same period last year, the two sides share very close, respectively, 16.7% and 16.2%. 
IDC's report also referred to the association's growth. As the first supplier, Lenovo further strengthened its leading position. Although some weak first quarter, but by constantly expanding and positive pricing strategy, Lenovo appears strong rebound. Although the association in the region still faces challenges, but in all regions, it almost reached the double-digit growth. 
Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo's impressive performance in the second quarter will be maintained long term. Once again, we prove that, no matter how the market, we have the ability to maintain business growth. We are very pleased to see that the PC market has improved, because it will create more opportunities for the association to continue to develop. Now we have to find a balance in its core PC business and the strong growth of mobile devices and enterprise business. 
Gartner data shows that in the second quarter, total PC shipments in EMEA was 22.5 million units, compared with the same period last year increased by 8.6%. Gartner research director, said the PC market RanjitAtwal market situation EMEA region better. 2014 recovery of the global PC market is the relative change in Western Europe is the most obvious. In the second quarter, EMEA region to keep the user's choice in those same traditional laptops priced ultra mobile devices change. 
America's total PC shipments to 15.9 million units, compared with the same period last year increased by 7.4%.

WIFI signals can be converted to the current cell phone charger or a history?

Have you encountered the phone battery is about to run out fast charger available but did not close the embarrassing situation? If yes, then you must believe in endless tangle. Recently, according to foreign media reports, two students Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University have invented a mobile phone WIFI signal can be converted into a current of new technologies, is expected to completely replace the cell phone charger in the future. 
Sources said the two students from Duke University's Alexander & middot; Kate Ke (Alexander Katko) and 艾伦霍斯克 (Allen Hawkes) developed a WIFI signal can be converted into current equipment. The device uses a very cheap material, the current volume is still relatively large, but Alexander and Allen said they will continue to study, the volume of such equipment be small enough to be fitted to the phone until the interior. Today, everywhere WIFI signal, if the device preinstalled in the phone, then who will go with the charger will charge the phone it? 
Allegedly, two students designed this efficient equipment is actually a small five-unit array, can be extracted 7 volts Current & mdash the air everywhere in the micro-wave in; & mdash; This is enough to drive a small USB devices. If you want more current how to do? No problem, we only need the five cell array can then add a unit. 
In addition to ease of use, the technology there is a very big advantage & mdash; & mdash; green. Essentially, the invention of Alexander and Alan actually consume energy has re recover, because in a sense, invisible in the air these resources is not a waste, but it is worth mentioning is its conversion efficiency as high as 37%.

"House of cards" production company Netflix subscribers reached 50 million worldwide

Washington, U.S. special correspondent Sichuan Green ● Ping Guochuan 
Has launched the "house of cards" in the United States streaming video provider Netflix (Netflix) 7 月 21, said its subscribers in more than 40 countries around the world has exceeded 50 million. 
AFP 22, said in addition to the number of subscription growth, net earnings in the second quarter of this year also fly to meet market expectations, net profit more than doubled last year, reaching $ 71 million. 
Reported that "house of cards" "Women's Prison" and a series of original drama is the network's main selling point to attract users to fly the second quarter of this year, the release of new plays Netflix to bring a total of 1.69 million new subscribers. Meanwhile, in May this year, Netflix service monthly fee will increase $ 1 to $ 8.99 per month, showing the company's confidence in the original content. 
American "Hollywood Reporter" magazine, Netflix last month announced a partnership with comedian Chelsea Western Han Roeder, launched a late-night talk show. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said, and now very few people like to watch a live talk show, Netflix's on-demand model in line with the tastes of global audiences. "Vanity Fair" magazine that this talk show show Netflix future may deviate from the traditional to the drama as the core business, the steering becomes more comprehensive broadcast platform. It is reported that, in addition to the new season of "house of cards" and the Women's Prison ", the network is still making flying more than original programming, and their partners, including DreamWorks and the Wachowski siblings. 
Since 2007 on-line streaming service since Netflix has developed into a leading supplier in this field, the report said, long over one billion hours a month when Netflix to provide users with digital movies and TV shows.

Cloud storage Dropbox announced that Twitter users exceeded three hundred million exceeded

IDG News May 29, Dropbox cloud storage service provider in the 29th announced that its users more than 300 million people mark. 
The company said that in the past six months time, added one hundred million users. Last November, Dropbox users for the first time broke through the 200 million mark. 
This also means that Dropbox users has exceeded Twitter's active users. This suggests that online store photos, videos and other documents, the popularity of Internet users has become a common activity. 
Media analysts said the massive growth Dropbox users, thanks to its new features and improving new products. 
In fact, Dropbox has already started a transition from traditional file storage provider, transition to become users of digital content management provider, Dropbox has been saved by the user is able to analyze what kind of digital content, and the introduction of more abundant, complete management, organization and sharing. Today's Dropbox, is no longer a simple file cabinet. 
For example, not long ago, Dropbox launched a feature called Carousel, you can manage support across terminals photos and videos. In the photo field, Dropbox also acquired good 3D photo mosaic of a new technology company Bubbli. 
April, Dropbox also acquired two companies, which are stored photos Loom, and to help people share online documents Hackpad. Since 2014, Dropbox has acquired four companies. 
Dropbox has not yet heard the listing of specific plans, but its abundant funds. As a final listing of a large-scale financing before, Dropbox received $ 325 million, company valuation over 10 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Dropbox has received a bank loan of $ 500 million. Plenty of funds to ensure the continued acquisition of Dropbox startups, introduce more users and enterprise digital content management capabilities.

Yahoo Japan will acquire mobile operator eAccess

? According to the United States, "Wall Street Journal" reported on March 28, Yahoo Japan Corporation announced Ltd acquired from Softbank Mobile ISP eAccess, which will allow Yahoo Japan has its own mobile operating platform. Awful scale of 324 billion yen (about 19.9 billion yuan) trading means that Softbank are on their own Internet and telecommunications empire asset restructuring. 
Manabu Miyasaka, president of Yahoo Japan said that after six years, Japanese consumers will have an average of six mobile devices, including wearable devices and automotive mobile devices, the acquisition of eAccess will help Yahoo Japan to seize the growth in demand for mobile devices opportunities. 
Miyasaka said that these new mobile devices without a network would be meaningless, so the telecommunications industry on Yahoo Japan is extremely important. Miyasaka on the need to cut prices to win market share declined to comment. He said that if we do so, we will be blamed; not we do the same thing. 
At the level of the parent company, the deal will allow Softbank in the financial year ended March 2015 of 55.7 billion yen in the included special gains. In the whole group level, Softbank said the transaction has no impact on the financial. 
Softbank holds a stake in wireless carrier Sprint and the Chinese giant Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan holds a 42 percent stake, and plans to acquire stake in T-Mobile US's. Softbank also has sales of fixed rate wireless connectivity and voice services Willcom Inc., which will merge with eAccess June. 
Reported that Yahoo Japan's dominant position in the Japanese market is being challenged Amazon and Lotte Co., Ltd. and other competitors.

Pinterest launched a new advertising service aimed at Google Facebook

Beijing on June 6 morning news, pictures social network Pinterest will launch a new marketing tool. This will help Pinterest compete with Google and Facebook advertisers online advertising budget. 
Pinterest operations director Tang Fuer (Don Faul), said the new advertising system will allow marketers to recommend pushpin on the website Pinterest bid. Currently, Pinterest has been sold for large brand advertisers charges by CPM display advertising. At the same time, this new self-service system for small businesses, but only when the ad is clicked, the advertiser only needs to pay. 
Including Vineyard Vines, and Shutterfly account, there are some brands tested this pay per click advertising services. Favre said the ad this month for a wider range of advertisers open. Pinterest is trying to compete with large Internet companies advertiser budgets, while Havre Pinterest responsible for the work in this area. 2008, Favre has helped Facebook launch self-advertising. Previously, he worked at Google manage online advertising sales. 
He said that as Pinterest users often use this service to plan vacations, home improvement and other shopping-related activities, so advertising on Pinterest more effective than other sites. He said: When using Pinterest, people think or dream of the future. They are expressing an intention. And this intention can then be converted into shopping behavior. 
Pinterest will allow marketers bid for ads next to search results, or the content of the advertisements displayed on certain websites, such as home improvement and fashion content among men. 
Founded Pinterest's been four years. Beginning this year, Pinterest will try to get revenue, which would be the first step Pinterest develop into a competitive company. In the round of financing last month, Pinterest reach $ 5 billion valuation, it has become one of the world's highest valuation supported by venture capital start-up companies.

4G licenses who benefits trigger a chain reaction suffer?

Ministry yesterday formally issued TD-LTE 4G licenses to China Mobile and fixed-line broadband business licenses issued. In the long run, it will bring a chain reaction pattern of China's telecommunications industry and the industrial chain, the biggest variable is the FDD when issuing licenses. 
Three operators employees, terminal manufacturers executives, industry insiders and micro subsequent letter microblogging circle of friends have carried out intense discussion. A friend lamented: circle of friends throughout the afternoon were maxed out. 
Who benefits operators who suffer? 
1, "Communication World" magazine editor in chief Yang Haifeng think the biggest benefit is China Mobile, China Telecom is the most painful, uncomfortable but still calm is China Unicom. 
2, China Mobile began construction scale TD-LTE trial network, from June this year, has started to deploy commercial trial services in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and other places in a year ago, and the subscriber telephone numbers. After 4G license issuance, China Mobile TD-LTE network construction will be full speed, 4G base station deployment is expected next year will more than 200,000, covering 326 cities. 
3, China Telecom's CDMA EVDO Rev.A 3G current network downlink peak rate of 3.1MBps, with China Mobile TD-LTE 4G network gap significantly. China Telecom 4G coverage before you plan to use the WAN FDD, TDD urban hotspots using supplements. The current problem is only TD-LTE commercial license, large-scale network construction will affect the future FDD investment and deployment of 4G terminal rhythm; not build TD-LTE FDD network also not sure when issuing licenses, missed 4G start. 
4, from the current point of view, China Unicom, before the third quarter of next year will be dedicated to upgrade the 3G network to HSPA + 42M standards. Lu Yimin, general manager of China Unicom, said recently: before the end of the whole network of China Unicom began to upgrade DC-HSPA + 42M network, internationally known as 4G networks in many countries, and 4G feel the difference, we do not think that China Unicom is no sound. Meanwhile, China Unicom began to layout FDD / TDD hybrid network, the Central Purchasing plans to purchase its first 4G base stations 52,000 beginning in October, including TD-LTE base station 10 000, FDD-LTE approximately 42,000 (accounting for about 8 percent). 
5, an employee of China Telecom Tianyi terminal of the author complained: China has become the world's most complex communications market. 2G including GSM / CDMA; 3G including TD-SCDMA / WCDMA / EVDO; 4G, including TDD / FDD. Whether China Mobile's 5-mode 10-band, or China Telecom's four-mode requirements, terminal manufacturers are nightmare.

2013 United States Patent rankings released: IBM 21 consecutive years topped

According to the data of patent data provider IFI Claims Patent Services, IBM is already 21 years in a row to get the largest number of U.S. patents businesses. However, Google's patent acquisition pace is accelerating, in 2013 ranking climbed to the first 11. 
Data show that IFI Claims Patent Services, IBM last year, a total of 6,809 U.S. patents obtained, compared with 6478 increased by 5% last year. 
Samsung Electronics ranked second in the company in 2013 to obtain a total of 4,675 U.S. patents. Canon in 3825 ranked third, followed by Sony, Microsoft, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hon Hai, Qualcomm and LG Electronics. 
United States Patent Google acquired last year, the number grew 60%, to 1851, ranking first in 2012 from 21 up to No. 11 in 2013. Google in 2012 ranked first among the IFI before 50, when the patent number is 1151. 
Apple's U.S. patent number received in 2013 for 1775, ranked 13, ranked much higher than 2011's first 39. 
IFI's report shows the total number of U.S. patents in 2013 refresh history. United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the full year totaled 27.7835 million patents, an increase of 10% compared to 2012. 2013 among the top 50, there are 18 companies from the United States. 
Cisco 2013 obtained patent number declined, only 885, compared with 951 in 2012 decreased by 7% from the first 31 ranking slipped to the first 40. Alcatel - Lucent fell before the 50, from 49 in 2012 down to 54 in 2013 of the first. 
Intel is also among the top 50, with 1455 patents ranked 18. HP ranked No. 19, 2013 to obtain 1360 U.S. patents. Blackberry behind HP, ranked 20, becoming the only Canadian company among the top 50. Blackberry 2013 U.S. patents for 1334, compared with 2012 increased by 9.