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Huawei to bring Telefonica connectivity solutions designed to help pre-FTTH strategy

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According to Telecompaper website on July 15 reported that the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei and the world's leading telecommunications operators Telefonica recently announced that it will jointly develop fiber optic wiring network technologies, including pre-connected solutions. 
Telefonica is the leading full-service provider, in 2008 to determine the FTTH development strategy and plan of the ambitious development plans. Telefonica already using Huawei's custom fiber optic wiring network products, such as outdoor connecting elements, in order to improve the efficiency of its FTTH network. Through the deployment of pre-connected products, Telefonica will use the pre-connection technology outdoor hardened fiber optic connector replacement system. 
Pre-connected users Huawei cable connector supports Plug and Play, no on-site welding, environmental adaptability, high deployment efficiency. Connector protection class up to IP68, two days of continuous immersion in 3.5 meters underwater, with connection locking manner of anti-vibration locking. Able to heat, cold, protect the fiber connectivity is not affected high humidity environment. The product on February 20, 2014 release. 
Huawei's partnership with Telefonica can be traced back to 2005. November 14, 2005, Huawei signed an agreement with Telefonica, the Spanish telecommunications selected Huawei as its 3G and broadband in the field of business innovation and strategic partners, but the two sides will work together to expand the Latin America market. March 17 this year, Huawei and Telefonica jointly announced that they have completed the industry's first architecture based on IP + Optical SDN multi-joint testing. 
Huawei has been committed to providing customers with high-quality fiber optic-based network solutions. October 2010, Huawei released the industry's first Intelligent Optical Distribution Network solutions to improve the management level fiber-based networks, and access to the Broadband World Forum InfoVision Award awarded. Huawei led iODN relevant standards have been published in the ITU-T. Up to now, Huawei has built more than 60 sheets of global intelligent fiber optic wiring network Network. 
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