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Huawei advancing globalization: Overseas employees and more and more foreign executives

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Chinese technology companies to go overseas, international executives and employees of the team, is the only way. In this regard, the Lenovo acquisition of IBM PC business has become a role model. Overseas media noted that, in addition to a Chinese technology company Huawei, is promoting the internationalization of executives and staff, and its image, the growing shift to a global multinational companies. 
Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen in the park, a total of 30,000 employees, of which there are many Indians, Pakistanis. Park is not only Western, as well as local Indian cuisine. 
Huawei launched prior to the Chinese staff placement scheme to allow employees to purchase shares in the future will benefit from after the stock rose. At present, the number of employees to buy shares of more than seven million people. Huawei official confirmed that the current allotment plan is planning to staff, to overseas employees, in order to raise the overseas staff of the enterprise loyalty. 
In recent years, as technology companies out of the overseas Chinese, Western business executives, worked for the Chinese enterprises easier to accept. Typically, the Italian association hired professional managers Samaranch, Samaranch use extensive experience and network to help Lenovo hit the European market one day. Lanci joined the opponents, but also to Acer very unhappy. 
Currently, Huawei has hired a large number of foreign executives down, such as the Australian business from Nokia Colin-Giles, who served as the British government's chief information officer of John-Suffolk et al. 
Insiders said that in the telecommunications equipment market, Huawei has been rising, Europe is struggling rival, which means that Huawei's future will have more opportunities to recruit foreign executives. For example, in October, the European telecom equipment manufacturers Alcatel-Lucent announced that it would lay off 15 percent worldwide, which involves management positions. 
45-year-old CT-Johnson, is an American financial experts worked at Ericsson, Huawei joined last year, served as the headquarters of the post of chief financial officer, he had to worry about, Huawei hired him just to show the foreign media, but later found himself wrong, as Treasurer, he has enough permission to view Huawei's financial statements or operational details. Later, he also adjusted Huawei internal positions, responsible for matters relating to sales contracts. 
Statistics show that Huawei's overseas revenue grew 200 times in 12 years. With the upgrading of the status in the international market, Huawei will be the same as Lenovo, have more and more foreign executives. 
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