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ASUS force cloud in 2014 targeting 50 million users

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According to Taiwan's Central News Agency, May 27 news, the Internet cloud partners ASUS ASUS Assembly proclaimed the Internet cloud strategy, Wu Han Zhang cloud general manager, said Asustek currently has more than 30 million personal cloud users, the target by the end of 50 million. 
ASUS 27 invited 300 developers and partners to show ASUS integrated software and hardware and a full range of cloud service layout and first published in the latest cloud products and services through a partnership of the General Assembly, including ASUS HomeCloud family to share teaching clouds and cloud systems ASUS Monkeys and offers the most popular things with HTML 5 cross-platform application development tools for developers. 
Wu Han Zhang said, ASUS HomeCloud share family private cloud concept, users do not need to purchase additional storage space, as long as through simple installation, can the home computer, or server motherboard into a family of digital data storage and sharing cloud space, and are free to access home files through mobile devices. 
In addition, Wu Han Zhang pointed out, ASUS HomeCloud more integrated monitoring, somatosensory detectors and other household devices with sweeping robot, the series of things, show diverse smart home applications. 
Wu Han Zhang said, ASUS now has more than 30 million personal cloud users, pay rate is between 0.5% to 1%, hoping to board, ZenFone other users of inclusion, the goal at the end of this year the clouds grow to 50 million users, pay ratio of more than 1%. 
In order to grab market share, Asus announced the price cut cloud services, 100GB of storage space each year as long as $ 22.99, a drop of 75 percent, more than Dropbox's $ 99 and $ 23.88 Google Drive is cheaper. 
Wu Han Zhang said, Asus currently has six data centers, there are three in Taiwan, mainland China, the United States and Luxembourg have one, this year plans to add a data center in Taipei, to provide better service. 
ASUS provides cross-platform HTML5 App development tools, media consultation and, if and Acer is about to publish content, like for developers? Wu Han Zhang said, program development tools, and partners need to interact with the industry earlier than Asus did two or three years more experience. 

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