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Black Friday 40% of the iPad was bought Android phone users

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The annual Black Friday just past, what kinds of product comparison by consumers welcome it? Recently, based on a survey of 125,000 consumers display Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Surface RT virtue of the relatively high cost of the stand at this year's Black Friday. Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy sales list three retailers, iPad mini (16GB), iPad Air (16GB) and Surface RT (32GB) to $ 299 (about 1822 yuan), $ 479 respectively (about RMB 2919 yuan) and $ 199 (about 1213 yuan) price Nance. 
Although Microsoft Surface RT had let huge loss $ 900 million, and the availability of Windows RT system is not very good, but obviously consumers are still hard to resist the $ 199 (about 1213 yuan) cheap temptation to bring. Meanwhile Surface RT bestselling also curious exactly how many consumers will choose to purchase newer and more expensive Surface 2 it? In addition, Best Buy's sales list, the older iPad 2 (16GB) and Kindle Fire (16GB) unexpectedly occupy second and third place, while power consumers to buy these products is obviously older they have enough affordable price. 
Apple, Microsoft and Amazon products occupy three cases before the old Best Buy sales list three different, Target Black Friday sales this year, the list of the top three is entirely dominated by iPad. The new iPad Air access to consumers of natural Needless to say, while in second place in sales also proved no Retina HD screen iPad mini is still the consumer ideal of a Tablet PC. 
The case of Amazon and Best Buy and Target quite different. In addition to the sales list to occupy the first name of the iPad mini (16GB), there are three of the top five TV and a laptop. 
Overall, this year's Black Friday Apple iPad is clearly the biggest winner in the Tablet PC market. According InfoScout survey, 40 percent was bought Android smart phone users of the iPad's total sales, which also reflects to some extent does not seem like Android in the smartphone market, as in the tablet market strong competitiveness, and various Android tablet makers should also find out the reason to learn and change product strategy. In addition, in terms of buying patterns, go to the store to buy this Black Friday is still the main way consumers buy electronic products, only 29% of consumers said that the total amount of the purchase of products on their online than offline.

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