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Blackberry employee resigns own businesses to promote local technology industry development

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According to Taiwan's Central News Agency reported on April 17, the Canadian BlackBerry company business downturn, former employees turned entrepreneurs, accidentally creating ─ its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario new technology companies sprouted up, pomp than ever. 
Blackberry since being defeated rival, generally considered the Waterloo City and its neighboring base Qing Carolina City economy has also depressed. The fact they are not. Last year, a year, Waterloo and City-based company to apply for admittance to celebrate the establishment of up to 450, compared with the number in 2009 increased four-fold. 
Waterloo and City-based company to apply for admittance to celebrate the establishment, mostly set up by the BlackBerry redundancy. Waterloo and City, known as the Canadian-based celebration Carolina known as Silicon Valley. 
McCabe, vice president of the Waterloo City Aeryon UAV Manufacturing Company Engineering Department, said people have money, and want to set up a new technology company, based in Waterloo and celebrate Carolina city is the best place. 
Richelle White, 39, after 13 years in service blackberry leave. Today, the White Richelle is Waterloo City Mage Nai card Kam president. The company can help the police recover a professional in the computer has been removed, such as e-mail, financial statements, and photo software. 
Like other as employees retire from blackberry, white Richelle choose to stay in Waterloo and group celebration Carolina, rather than go to Toronto, Canada's financial center, or Silicon Valley, California. 
BlackBerry company in 2007 to become Canada's most valuable company. 2008 peak period, blackberry assets of up to $ 80 billion. However, when Apple introduced the first generation iPhone, BlackBerry service will be way down. Blackberry has total assets has dropped to $ 4 billion. 
Ritter, president of Rialto-based image analysis celebrate Carolina city said, blackberry actually created many millionaires, they still live in the local area, and invest in the local. This situation makes more venture capitalists into Waterloo and group celebration Carolina, resulting in the local technology industry today is still as grand phenomenon of the past. 

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