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Apple's U.S. retail employees will transfer a substantial salary increase up to 25%

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Beijing time on June 21 morning news, multiple unconfirmed reports that Apple USA retail staff salaries will rise sharply, the highest increase of 25%. 
It is reported that Apple decided to retail staff salary increase may be the result of internal assessment, they found inside Apple retail store employee salaries are generally complain of problems. Dow Jones reported on Wednesday that the United States last week, more than Apple's retail employees were interviewed with the store manager, salary increases are expected to be reflected at the beginning of July in payroll. 
In a recent internal assessment of Apple employees who complain about their salaries are a big concern. For this most perplexing is the senior staff, such as the Genius Bar support technicians and innovative education team. 
Apple retail stores currently pay sales staff for 9-15 U.S. dollars per hour, while the Genius Bar technical team for $ 30 per hour. Sources said at least one employee was an Apple retail store near poaching Microsoft retail stores, which offer higher salaries and promotion opportunities. 
More news that Apple has long promised salary increase has not honored, the current salary level does not reflect Apple's position as a high-end retailers. Survey in April of this year show that the turnover of Apple's flagship retail store is 17 times the average turnover of the Apple retail stores in the United States, sales per square foot to occupy a leading position in the nation's chain stores. As of August 2011, Apple retail entity revenue of $ 5,626 per square foot, far more than the second place of Tiffany, the latter income of $ 3,000 per square foot. The average revenue per square foot of retail for U.S. $ 341, the average revenue per square foot for the best 20 to $ 787 retail. 
The new Apple retail store supervisor John & middot; Broughton ite Apple retail employees shortly speech video promised after taking office, to accelerate employee performance assessment in the original September plan. 
Apple retail stores are increasingly becoming an important part of Apple's core business strategy. As of April this year, Apple's revenue has risen every retail store at $ 12.2 million, an increase of 22%. More 85 million visitors in the second quarter of this year entered into the official Apple retail stores, which means that the number of visitors per week at retail for 1.8 million people. 

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