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Amazon in July pushed pass new Kindle reader: light comes

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Beijing time on May 15 morning news, sources said in July this year, Amazon plans to launch new Kindle reader. The new Kindle reader comes with a light source, in order to facilitate the user to read in the dark. 
Barnes & Noble bookstores month launched a new Nook reader, when many people in the industry believes that the introduction of the new Amazon Kindle will only be a matter of time. Barnes & Noble from the end of April to start selling price $ 139, built-in light of the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. The e-reader received praise review sites, and Barnes & Noble also said sales in good condition. 
So far, the main selling point is that the e-ink screen for outdoor reading, even under strong light, and very energy efficient. Although there is no backlight will alleviate eye fatigue, but such products can not be used in dark or low light conditions. To solve this problem, users can purchase an external light source. Amazon sold with light shell Kindle Touch Lighted Leathre Cover sells for $ 59.99. 
Barnes & Noble said the new Nook reader built-in GlowLight different sources is an important point. There are rumors that Amazon will also be built-in light in the next generation Kindle reader. U.S. technology blog TechCrunch recently reported that Amazon has acquired the Finnish source technology company Oy Modilis, Amazon Lab 126 Design Lab has developed a Kindle reader e-ink screen with a light source. 
The biggest problem is that the new Kindle reader with how much the price of light. Sources said that Amazon will likely stay the same price, or slightly raise the price in order to maintain a certain profit margin. 
Jennifer vice president of NPD Group subsidiary DisplaySearch & middot; Colegrove also said that Amazon can join the front light in the product, because the component cost is not very high, but Amazon's display power consumption is very low. 
According to informed sources say, in addition to the Kindle reader with a light source, the Amazon Kindle Fire will launch new Tablet PC. The product is expected to be launched this fall, but the specific time will be close to the Christmas holidays. The first generation Kindle Fire launched last November. 

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