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Analysts said the Nexus 7 对 Surface threaten affect iPad

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Beijing time on June 29, according to foreign media reports, brokerage Sterne Agee analyst Shaw & middot; Wu pointed out, Google announced the new Nexus 7 Tablet PC Tablet PC market will make the competition more intense, will Amazon's Kindle Fire and Microsoft's Surface pose a threat, but will not have an impact on Apple's iPad sales. 
Shaw & middot; Wu said, Nexus 7 selling point is its $ 199 starting price. Nexus price and Kindle Fire 7 fairly. Just launched late last year, Kindle Fire sales quite strong, but then quickly slowed. 
Shaw & middot; Wu expects, Nexus 7 199 dollar price of Kindle Fire will pose a threat to its own opportunities to participate in market competition. He also believes that, Nexus 7 low prices for Microsoft recently announced Surface also means trouble. Microsoft plans later this year on sale Surface. 
Shaw & middot; Wu believes that if the ARM version of Microsoft Surface pricing is higher than the Apple iPad 2 399 dollars starting price, would be catastrophic. Surface, Microsoft did not disclose the price, but said the ARM version of Surface's price will be quite similar to the configuration of other tablets such as iPad. 
Even if there is no pre-announced Google Nexus 7, analysts also believe that the price will determine Surface performance in the market. Earlier this week, Deutsche Bank analyst Chris & middot; Whitmore said Microsoft Surface pricing dilemma in to make the price lower than the iPad Surface will make third-party partners forced to withdraw from the tablet PC market, or can not profit . 
Investment Company Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian & middot; Wright said, Nexus 7 is just another one Android tablet, will not pose a threat to the iPad. Like White, Shaw & middot; Wu believes Apple's Nexus 7 suffered minimal impact. Given Apple's powerful ecosystem, rich Tablet PC applications, support for 3G / 4G connection, we believe that the recent Google limited impact on Apple. 
Shaw & middot; Wu pointed out that Google into the hardware market may not necessarily be successful. Google released the first smartphone Nexus One suffered a failure. Shaw & middot; Wu also questioned the 7-inch display configuration endurance Nexus 7, the similar size of the Kindle Fire has been in demand landslide. 
Nexus 7 Nvidia quad-core processor configuration, with a resolution of 1280 pixels X800 pixel display, July outlets. 8GB version is priced at $ 199, 16GB version is priced at $ 249. 

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